India is now chaining drastically, Digitization is going on every where and Indian Government is also making its efforts to make DIGITAL INDIA.
The Digital India program is taken up by Narendra Modi Government. Now the people of India will have the compulsory Internet at their homes and the State Government
are also starting their campaigns to make the India Digital i.e AP ( Andhra Pradesh) as already offered Fiber based Broadband for low costs . Not only that but the

aadhar card identity card
Digital Locker is also being provided by the Government where you can access it with you aadhar card number. So the Digital Locker is a lace you can store the important information of you for free of cost..To know more details about the Digital Locker Visit

Aadhar Card is important for any use of Digital System related to Government purposes. All the Bank services , Passport and everywhere you need a Aadhar card. If you want
to have your Aadhar card visit for more details.

Never make any mistakes in the Aadhar card which can cause the issues in the future , if you can your name or change your address you can go and change name in aadhar card .
But please never forget to make the updates regularly which can add benefits to you .

India is not only getting online day to day but now the Digital economy is also grown and India is now ready to implement the Google Tax for the Online advertisers and E Commerce
portals. Those are the days in past where to access the Internet you need to have a Big set of Computer and which take long time to get the information , but now everything
is in the hands now with the 4G speed and it helps to access internet. So lets hope the Digital India will be successful